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Extending the Life of Your Garage Door

You probably use your garage door every single day, multiple times a day. It's easy to forget this helpful and necessary component of your home, but like many features in your house, it needs regular attention to function well. Without a yearly inspection, garage door openers may last less than ten years, and that means early and unexpected replacement costs when something breaks. Lubricating Your Garage Door's Moving Parts The moving parts on your garage door will eventually wear out. You may consider getting new garage door parts to reduce the likelihood that you'll need to replace an entire garage [...]

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New Year – New Garage Door Opener

As the New Year approached, like most of us, you were thinking of your resolutions and what you planned to accomplish. Now that 2015 has arrived, it’s good to look back and reflect on last year. As you do that, think about every time you left your home and the times you arrived back at home. How well did your garage door work for you? Did your garage door opener work every time you pressed the button? Did you notice if your automatic opener was smooth and quiet or was it rough and made unpleasant noises as it opened and [...]

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Preventative Commercial Garage Door Repair

When referring to commercial garage doors, what typically pops in your mind are the large doors used for loading and unloading at stores, shipping warehouses, industrial and manufacturing facilities. Smaller companies like auto shops and restaurants use them as well. No matter the size and just like standard garage doors for residential use, commercial doors require regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs. Regular maintenance usually consists of replacing parts that, over time due to constant use, are worn and broken that can cause the door to not function properly or at all. Many of the commercial garage door parts that [...]

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Garage Door Accessories For The Unexpected

Have you ever come home or pulled up to your shop and everything is dark, and even the street lamps and the neighboring homes or businesses are pitch black? Have you tried to leave for work in the morning, but your garage door won’t open and you can’t get out? The storm that just blew through knocked the power out. Not only will you not be able to heat or cool you home or operate your business, but you won’t even be able to get in or out of your garage. Emergency Overhead Door Accessories With a battery back-up garage [...]

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Garage Door Opener Installation

As an owner of a home with a garage, you may not always realize how convenient it is to have an automatic opener for your garage door until it is malfunctioning, broken or you have recently purchased a new home that does not have an opener. Once you have gone even one day without the opener, you then might realize how important having an automatic garage door opener installation on your overhead door. While openers have been installed on doors for many years now, they have not only become a standard instead of a luxury, but they now have so [...]

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Recent Plano Garage Door Repair

With a population of approximately 270,000 residents and growing, Plano is a North Texas city with a large number of homes, and with every home or even apartment buildings there is a garage door that is used in many different purposes. Many homeowners and residents use their garage space for more than just storing and protecting their vehicles; a garage is used as storage overflow from the house, keeping lawn equipment stored, kid’s outdoor toys storage and sometimes even a place to hang out. While having a garage is essential for many homeowners, having access to it is just as [...]

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Dallas Garage Door Parts

When you open and close your garage door, whether it’s a single car door, double car door or a commercial overhead garage door, and you start to notice that it is straining, making loud noises or glide unevenly, it does not always mean that there is something wrong with the entire system. Often times, you don’t need to replace the entire garage door or even the automatic door opener, many of our customers in Dallas just need garage door parts replaced. Especially if your Dallas garage door is in good shape on the interior and exterior and the automatic opener [...]

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Garage Door Apps

Liftmaster overhead door openers are some of the best openers on the market. Fortunately, Listmaster also has apps for your smartphone that can give you access to your opener in numerous different ways: Open and close your door through your phone Get alerted each time your door is opened through either email or text Connect your opener to a wifi network These are just a few of the many benefits that come with the app. Nation Overhead will help you set up your free account so you can get full access to all the great things the app has [...]

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Overhead Door Keypads

Most overhead doors nowadays come with keypads, which is a good thing. Most keypads come with over 10,000 possible combinations, making them nearly impossible to guess. There are 2 kinds of keypads on the market: LCD Backlit Buttons The vast majority of keypads on the market at the moment are backlit buttons, since they are cheaper and a bit more practical. Digital LCD keypads are typically used more for commercial businesses you’ll see around the DFW area. These can even come with fingerprint scanners, but are much more costly. If you need a keypad for residential use, the most [...]

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Do You Need an Automatic Door Opener?

There are many different brands of automatic overhead door openers on the market, and, as usual, some brands are better than others. The largest brand on the market at the moment is Liftmaster by Chamberlain. Believe it or not, though, not all doors were designed to have an automatic opener. To address that, companies have begun making smaller and lighter doors that are capable of fitting into tighter spaces. However, if you’d have to replace your door to get an automatic opener, the usage you’d get from it isn’t really enough to justify the purchase. Make the smart decision when [...]

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