McKinney Garage Door Repair Services

When it’s time to repair a garage door on your property, be sure to assign the job to a professional. Call the friendly garage door repair technicians at Nation Overhead Door. We provide all the overhead door services you need to get your garage door back to perfect working order in no time!

McKinney Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement

If you’re having problems with the automatic opener for your door, it may be time to consider having it evaluated by a professional. The last thing you want, after all, is to be stuck in the rain or snow with a car full of groceries and no way into your garage. Our garage opener door repair experts can meet with you to evaluate your door opener issues, and then advise you how to proceed. They may be able to repair your opener, or you may need to upgrade to a newer, easier-to-use model. Either way, they can get you back in action in no time at all, so that you can get into your garage quickly and easily.






Expert Garage Door Installation-McKinney, TX

>While there are many projects around the home that you can complete on your own, it’s actually quite dangerous to attempt a garage door installation by yourself. If you do not have a garage and are adding one to your home, or if you need to install a replacement garage door, call a skilled local professional like Nation Overhead Door. They can evaluate your situation and advise you about what type of garage door you need, order the specific door and parts, and provide complete installation.

Overhead Door Spring Replacement

From time to time, garage door springs wear out. They will either be too tight and snap, or they will bind up and not work correctly any longer. Garage door springs are a crucial part of the door’s function, and if they aren’t working correctly, the entire door becomes a danger putting you and others in risk of injury. If your garage door’s springs are malfunctioning, do not attempt to repair them yourself. They can stretch, spring back, and hit you or something near you, with the potential to cause serious injury. Instead, call your local garage door repair professional. These skilled technicians can assist you to safely repair your garage door springs.

Garage Door Panel Replacement & Repair

Occasionally, a garage door panel becomes damaged or broken. This can allow dampness, snow, rodents, and cold air to enter your garage and damage your tools, your equipment, or even your vehicle. If this has happened to your garage, it’s essential that you have the damaged panel or panels replaced, so that your belongings are once again protected from the elements. In addition, if you prefer to change the cosmetic appearance of your garage, our garage door experts can replace them with custom garage door panels that have a unique color or texture that will stand out from the homes around. This is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home and the property value.


Tune-Up Garage Door & Preventative Maintenance

*Some restrictions apply


Tune-Up with Ball Bearing Nylon Capped Rollers For Overhead Doors

 *Restrictions Apply

$100.00 off

Single Car Garage Door

$200.00 off

Double Car Garage Door

$50 Off All Repairs

*Some restrictions apply

$50.00 off

Garage Door Openers

$200.00 off

Double Car Garage Door

*Carriage and custom door prices are additional

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This company exceeded our expectations in customer service, price, and quality. The experience we received by our tech, Corey was amazing.”
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