Let Nation Overhead Door help you choose a beautiful wooden garage door. Traditional, rustic, and classic, wooden overhead doors look like works of art for your home.
One of the best features of a wooden overhead door is that it has the potential to last even longer than durable steel and wood overlay while offering the look of artisan craftsmanship and style.

Why Choose a Wooden Garage Door?

If you’re unsure if a wooden overhead door is for you, we can offer a variety of reasons why you might want to upgrade to a wood garage door. Wooden garage door prices usually depend on the type of wood chosen and the level of ornamentation on the door.
However, their durability means that today’s cost probably won’t matter too much a few decades down the road when you’re still enjoying your wooden garage door.
Additionally, wooden garage doors also offer natural insulation for temperature and noise. People have been using wood for home construction for thousands of years because it’s durable and keeps out the cold and heat when necessary. If you live on a noisy street, you’ll also appreciate the natural sound dampening properties of wooden garage door panels.
Wooden garage doors are also easily repaired if you accidentally scratch or scuff the surface. Imperfections over time can even give your overhead door a sense of authenticity and history as it ages naturally with your home.





The Style of Your Wooden Overhead Door

Metal, wooden, and vinyl overhead doors from a few decades ago were usually quite standard in nature with just a few variations available. Today, your garage door can be fashioned into anything from a classic carriage door to a minimalist modern door for a contemporary home.
Your wooden garage door will require painting or staining on occasion, but you’ll love the durability and timelessness of wooden construction.
Let us help you add style and elegance to your home with a graceful and refined wooden garage door. If you’re looking for a particular style or build for your new overhead door, we can help you find the ideal door for your home or business.


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