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Replacing a Missing Garage Door Remote

Having a garage for your car is an amazing convenience. It's warmer in cold weather, cooler in the heat of summer, and shielded from rain and wind throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, a great deal of that convenience can be destroyed by one serious problem: the loss of the garage door remote. If you don't have your remote, you have to either give up your garage entirely or remove it from the track to raise and lower it--a serious inconvenience that can also leave you feeling as though your home isn't adequately protected against the possibility of intruders in your [...]

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Garage Door Accessories For The Unexpected

Have you ever come home or pulled up to your shop and everything is dark, and even the street lamps and the neighboring homes or businesses are pitch black? Have you tried to leave for work in the morning, but your garage door won’t open and you can’t get out? The storm that just blew through knocked the power out. Not only will you not be able to heat or cool you home or operate your business, but you won’t even be able to get in or out of your garage. Emergency Overhead Door Accessories With a battery back-up garage [...]

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