With our years of experience repairing the garage doors of homeowners and business owners around Austin, Texas, there’s never a problem Nation Overhead Door can’t fix. Garages open and close hundreds of times a year and they never complain until a spring wears out or one of the panels suddenly breaks.
You’ll want to work with an experienced garage door repair service provider that will quickly restore your overhead door and all its moving parts to working condition.

Garage Door Repair Services

It always happens when you have no time to spare. The kids are late for school or you’re running off to a doctor’s appointment and the garage door decides that it’s going to squeak and squeal its way open. Don’t worry! Nation Overhead Door is here to help with garage door repair.
Whether it’s the garage door on your family home or the service entrance of your business, we’ve got the know-how and tools to fix your broken overhead door. After repairing your door, we’ll even make sure it’s strong enough to weather all the bumps, bruises, wind, and rain it’ll encounter each year.

Professional Austin Garage Door Repair & Service

Austin Garage Door Opener Installation, Repair & Replacement

Just like your overhead doors must operate flawlessly each day, the garage door openers must also do their job without complaint. You’ve already tried to replace the batteries, but no dice. The remote isn’t working and the door remains shut or won’t close all the way.
Nation Overhead Door will fix any or all of the moving parts associated with your garage door in Austin. We’ll even let you know if it’s time to replace your opener and whether doing so would save time and money in the long run.

You’ve probably heard stories about people who have classic cars that look new because they’ve been housed in a garage for forty years. You can protect your cars today with garage door installation from our skilled team of specialists.
Perhaps you’ve already got a garage door, but it’s old and you want something automated. We’ll help with installation of a new opener, as well as any new garage door parts that might be needed for the new assembly. Perhaps it’s time for a brand new overhead door that will enhance the beauty of your home.

Spring Replacement

Those large springs that rumble and creak when they get old will shut your overhead door down fast when they break, and you’ll want professionals on hand to help you repair these essential components.
Garage door springs are a hardy and long-lasting part of your overhead door, but your garage door won’t open if they’re worn out. When you work with Nation Overhead Door if your springs break, we can fix the problem the first time because we have the parts and tools on hand to start work right away.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

The kid from down the street accidentally crashed his bicycle into your overhead door, and now one of the garage door panels has a giant dent in it. Don’t risk damaging your garage door by trying to open it with broken panels. We’ll get an exact match for your door and install a new panel.
If it’s your gate that’s acting up instead of your overhead door, we can help there, too. Nation Overhead Door offers a full suite of gate repair/installation services.


Tune-Up Garage Door & Preventative Maintenance

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Tune-Up with Ball Bearing Nylon Capped Rollers For Overhead Doors

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$100.00 off

Single Car Garage Door

$200.00 off

Double Car Garage Door

$50 Off All Repairs

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$50.00 off

Garage Door Openers

$200.00 off

Double Car Garage Door

*Carriage and custom door prices are additional

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This company exceeded our expectations in customer service, price, and quality. The experience we received by our tech, Corey was amazing.”
– Misty Garman W.