Allen Garage Door Repair

One of the least thought about items that you have in your home is your garage door. We never really stop to think about our garage door until we go to use it and it does not work. Many garage doors can be repaired instead of being replaced. When your garage door malfunctions or the remote needs to be replaced, you can get a hold of you Allen garage door repair company, Nation Overhead Door.

Allen Garage Door Opener Replacement or Repair

Sometimes it is not a problem with the door itself but the garage door opener system. Most people do not check to make sure that their garage door is malfunctioning which is why they end up replacing their door when it was the door opener that was causing the problem. If you suspect that your door opener is malfunctioning, you need to have your garage door opener looked at by one our professionals who can determine whether or not a replacement is needed.






Spring Replacement

The springs are likely the last thing that you think about on your garage door. Even though they are one of the most important mechanisms, we rarely check them. If your garage door will not move or it is not moving correctly, you might need to have your garage door springs checked. We highly recommend for your safety that you allow a trained professional handle this job and we can send a garage door repair experts to your door to check to see if it is the springs that need to be replaced.

Panel Replacement

There are a number of reasons that you might want to replace the panels on your garage door. Many homeowners only consider replacing the panels when their panels have been bent which can throw off the entire look of the door. Others change the panels on their garage door to change the aesthetic look to their home. There are many different color options that you can choose from to change the overall look of your home. There are also garage door panels which have windows to help lighten a dark garage. Remodeling your garage door can be easily handled by one of the professionals at Nation Overhead Door.

Garage Door Installation-Allen, TX

A garage door installation can be a difficult task that can prove to be a huge hassle. If you need a new garage door installed in your home, it will be much easier if you hire a group of trained professionals to do it for you. Allowing one of our experienced professionals to install your garage door will keep you focused on what matters while we make sure that your install is done right the first time. There are many mistakes that can be made during the install process which might cause you to have to call us after you have already tried to install it yourself. Instead of creating stress, let us handle your new garage door installation from the start. This way you do not have to risk frustration or hurting yourself while trying to install the door on your own.


Tune-Up Garage Door & Preventative Maintenance

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Tune-Up with Ball Bearing Nylon Capped Rollers For Overhead Doors

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$100.00 off

Single Car Garage Door

$200.00 off

Double Car Garage Door

$50 Off All Repairs

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$50.00 off

Garage Door Openers

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Double Car Garage Door

*Carriage and custom door prices are additional

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