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Preventative Commercial Garage Door Repair

When referring to commercial garage doors, what typically pops in your mind are the large doors used for loading and unloading at stores, shipping warehouses, industrial and manufacturing facilities. Smaller companies like auto shops and restaurants use them as well. No matter the size and just like standard garage doors for residential use, commercial doors require regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs.

Regular maintenance usually consists of replacing parts that, over time due to constant use, are worn and broken that can cause the door to not function properly or at all. Many of the commercial garage door parts that require replacement include springs, automatic openers, panels, sensors, chains, keypads and the list can go on. Some of these parts may seem like simple parts to replace that contribute to the operation of the door, it is often more complicated that it appears; and as a business owner or manager, you’ll want to have the confidence knowing a professional garage door technician completed the repair properly and will guarantee their work.

Commercial Garage Door Panels

garage door panel repair

Are your overhead door panels dented, cracked or damaged in any way? Due to the heavy equipment and large trucks and vehicles backing up to the door multiple times a day, there are many chances the door panels can become damaged. Aside from being unsightly, damaged garage door panels can cause other issues to any garage door over time; they could cause the door to be uneven or off track, cause other parts to become loose or prevent the door from fully opening or closing.

No matter if your facility has an 18 foot, 20 foot, 24 foot or higher overhead door or if the door is outdated, the commercial overhead door technicians at Nation Overhead Door have the skills and parts to fix the damaged panels. The sooner you address the broken panels or any other malfunctioning garage door part, you will be preventing future repairs that will be more costly and could even result in replacing the door all together.

Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

commercial garage door repair, overhead door panels

To avoid a costly commercial garage door repair or replacement in the future, it is best to have your overhead door serviced. Preventative maintenance helps avoid bigger issues in the long run such as a brand new door installation, replacing multiple parts or replacing the overhead door opener system. It is recommended to have your commercial overhead door maintenance every quarter or every 6 months, but having it done at least once a year is the minimum recommendation.

Preventative maintenance will also prevent other problems that would affect your day-to-day business operations such as:

  • Delayed shipping and/or receiving
  • Disruption in daily work flow and operations
  • Unhappy customers that receive their products late
  • Expensive emergency overhead door repairs

If you notice any part of your door damaged or not functioning properly, it is important to have it serviced as soon as possible before it causes further damage. Waiting too long could end up causing the entire door to be replaced. To keep business operations flowing and your door working properly, get your preventative commercial garage door repair maintenance schedule started today!

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