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Recent Plano Garage Door Repair

With a population of approximately 270,000 residents and growing, Plano is a North Texas city with a large number of homes, and with every home or even apartment buildings there is a garage door that is used in many different purposes. Many homeowners and residents use their garage space for more than just storing and protecting their vehicles; a garage is used as storage overflow from the house, keeping lawn equipment stored, kid’s outdoor toys storage and sometimes even a place to hang out. While having a garage is essential for many homeowners, having access to it is just as important, and when the door is not functioning properly for opening and closing it is almost like you don’t have a garage to begin with. Like this recent Plano garage door repair, our garage door service customers know they can get their needs met immediately when they call Nation Overhead Door.

Similar to an assembly line and many other multi-part machines, if one part of the machine is broken, it does not work properly or at all. This Plano garage door repair was necessary because the garage door track was bent and out of place. Due to the track being bent, the rolling wheels were off the track and the door wasn’t able to open all the way; when the homeowner was trying to open the garage door, it was getting jammed half way up, and each time they tried to open the door it was causing other garage door parts to strain and nearly break as well.

Before they caused any other issues trying to get the door open, the homeowner started to search for a reliable Plano garage door repair service provider. Upon searching and finding a company that could provide service the same day, the homeowner contacted Nation Overhead Door and we sent out our garage door service technician who arrived at the expected time ready to address their service needs. Our technician immediately detected the primary issue and was able to provide the homeowner with a clear and thorough overview of what garage door repair was needed, the necessary garage door parts that were needed and upfront breakdown of the pricing for entire project from start to finish.

Due to having a large inventory of garage door parts and a strong relationship with local suppliers of parts for all types and brands of overhead doors, we were able to get all the parts needed and a repair team back out to perform the Plano garage door repair that next day. By late morning our team was back at the Plano home. We had three technicians that were experts in residential garage door repair and they had all their equipment ready to roll. They started by manually moving the garage door off the broken tracks and were able to hold the door in place. Two of the multiple sections of door tracks were damaged, but the others were just fine; so they removed the damaged section of tracks, and replaced them with brand new parts. Some of the rollers were out of place and bent up, so they replaced those as well to make sure the customer didn’t have further issues in the near future. The repair job was complete before the end of the day, and the customer had a perfectly functioning garage door.

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