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New Year – New Garage Door Opener

As the New Year approached, like most of us, you were thinking of your resolutions and what you planned to accomplish. Now that 2015 has arrived, it’s good to look back and reflect on last year. As you do that, think about every time you left your home and the times you arrived back at home. How well did your garage door work for you? Did your garage door opener work every time you pressed the button? Did you notice if your automatic opener was smooth and quiet or was it rough and made unpleasant noises as it opened and closed?

Automatic Garage Door Opener Replacement

If you recall any time that your automatic garage door opener malfunctioned in any way, you may want to make 2015 the year for a new, smooth and quiet opener for your garage door. While garage door openers are somewhat simple machines that can last for many years, they do wear out over time. By replacing your older model, you could enjoy the features of a newer model including security, safety, convenience and more.

Benefits of Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Repair Installation

Reduce Noise Control

When you open and close your garage door and the opener creates enough noise to wake your family or cause the dogs to go berserk, you many want to consider a new model to solve the noise problem. Many older models use the original chain drive mechanics. If you look at your existing model and see something that looks similar to a bike chain that runs from the motor to the metal bar connected to the door, consider replacing it with a screw or belt drive opener to achieve a much quieter operation.

Increased Safety

If your current model is decades old, it is likely that you and your family is at higher risk of injury. Since the early 1990’s, garage door opener manufacturers have been required to be equip them with a safety reversal feature; this feature has two sensors near the floor of the garage door and when anything passes through or is blocking the sensor, such as yourself, your child or your family pet, the door stops and reverses. Safety is one of the most important factors in your household, and if your existing opener does not have this feature, then it is definitely time to replace your garage door opener.

Home Security Enhancements

Many out dated openers, due to the remote control function, were very vulnerable to potential thieves getting into homes. They were designed with a fixed code and anyone with a special device could easily find the code, which then allowed them access to your home through the garage door. With a new model, the garage door opener remote uses a rolling code; this prevents thieves from figuring out the code because the code changes each time the unit is used.

Keyless Entry Features

With many older units, the only way to open the garage door was by use of the remote control or the main button inside the garage. New technology now allows homeowners to install a keypad for keyless entry. This feature is great for families – kids can get into the house without needing to remember their house key. Even if you suspect that someone knows the code that should not have unlimited access, the code can easily be changed with the push of few buttons.

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Automatic Garage Door Opener Installation Service

Whether your garage door opener is louder than a kindergarten classroom or is outdated and doesn’t offer you the safety and security features your family needs, this is the year you replace it. With all the top brands and models that have the bells and whistles you’re looking for, Nation Overhead Door has the automatic garage door opener for you. Our professionals will install too, so you know it will work perfectly and last for many years!

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