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Why Is My Garage Door So Loud?

Have you been hearing loud grinding or screeching sounds from your Dallas garage door every time it is opening or closing?

If your garage door is waking up your family members when you leave in the morning or when you get home at night, it’s best to figure out the issue causing the annoying noises and put them to a stop before your family starts making park your car on the street, or before your garage door malfunctions and someone ends up getting hurt.

Because no automatic garage door opener runs perfectly silent, the door will make noise when opening and closing, but it shouldn’t make loud screeching or grinding sounds. Like all powered machines with moving parts and components, there are a number of reasons your door could be making noises and malfunctioning. All makes and models are different, and depending on how they operate and are installed, even some brand-new garage doors and openers can make a reasonable amount of noise.

Friction is one of the most common causes of garage door noises. Over time as a garage door opener ages, the moving parts lose their lubrication and the parts grind together. Some of the screws and bolts loosen causing them to wear and need garage door part replacement and service. Normal wear and tear will cause any garage door, no matter the type or brand, to get more and more noisy over time. To test to determine if it is the garage door opener making the noises or the garage door itself, simply disable your opener by pulling the release or unplugging the unit and manually open and closing the garage door. If you do not near the noises while opening the door manually, then it is the automatic opener; if you do hear the same noises while opening the door manually, then it is likely that it is the garage door itself.

Although these noises are not necessarily a sign of a particular problem, it can be annoying to use your door each day. In other cases, especially in older model garage doors and automatic openers or ones with reasonable damage, they should be serviced to prevent injury as they may be a safety hazard.

If you are sick of hearing those loud annoying garage door noises and have asked yourself “why is my garage door so loud” to many times, contact Nation Overhead Door, your Dallas garage door repair specialist. Our technicians are skilled in garage door repair for all types of door and automatic door opener makes and models, no matter how new or old the model is.

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