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What You Need to Know About Door Springs

Like the actual doors themselves, door springs can come in numerous sizes and qualities. Some springs can last 10,000 cycles, some can last up to 100,000 (a cycle meaning the door is opened and closed once).

There are two general types of springs:

  • Oil Soaked (Oil Tempered)
  • Galvanized

Oil soaked springs are lubricated in oil during the actual production of the springs. They aren’t shiny, but they can stretch further without losing their shape and will last longer than galvanized springs.

Galvanized springs are given a different kind of coating later in the process that gives them a shiny looking finish. Instead of oil, they’re lubricated with zinc. Although they look nice, they’re not as stretchy or durable, causing them to need to be replaced more often than oil soaked springs.

As I recommended to a friend in Plano, don’t be fooled when choosing the right kind of spring for your overhead door. Contact Nation Overhead to talk to an expert and let us choose the right kind of spring for you!

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