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Thanksgiving Turkey Fryer Safety Tips

Due to the speed and irresistible taste of a fried turkey on Thanksgiving Day, deep-frying has become one of the most popular ways to cook a turkey all across America. But, turkey fryers are one of the most dangerous forms of cooking; even certain safety groups like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) advise us to not use them because of the many accidents that have occurred from their use.

Turkey Fryer Safety, Garage Door Safety

As you pick up your prize Thanksgiving Turkey and the many gallons of oil to cook it in, make sure you are aware of the dangers before you start.

To protect your guests, yourself and your home, take these many turkey fryer safety tips:

  1. For all outdoor fryers, keep them off your deck, out of your garage, away from your home and a safe distance from plants and trees.
  2. Be attentive of the weather conditions! Do not operate an outdoor deep fryer in the rain or snow.
  3. Before cooking, make sure your holiday bird is fully thawed and dry; water and ice mixed with hot oil will cause flare-ups and splashes of hot oil that could burn anyone or anything in close distance.
  4. Find a solid, level surface, and once you begin heating up the oil, do not move the fryer. When using a propane/gas powered fryer, be sure to leave at least 2 feet between the burner and the gas tank.
  5. Review the manufacturer’s instructions so you do not overfill the fryer; oil can easily ignite if it comes in contact with the burner.
  6. For deep frying, pick out a smaller turkey; typically one that is 8 to 10 pounds and no more than 12 pounds. If you need a lot of meat for your gathering, just pick two small-sized birds.
  7. If you are purchasing a new fryer this year, choose one that has temperature control options, and keep a close eye on the oil temperature as it is warming and while the bird is cooking. Cooking in oil that reaches the temp beyond its smoking point can catch fire; so if you notice the oil start to smoke, turn off the fryer immediately!
  8. As you are about to place the turkey into the oil, turn off the burner beforehand; once the bird is full submerged in the oil and settled, turn the burner back on to the recommended temperature.
  9. Be sure to never leave the fryer unattended, and keep children and pets away from the cooking area.
  10. As the turkey is finished and is full cooked, cautiously remove the pot from the burner, then set it on a surface that is level and cover the pot to allow the hot oil to cool completely before disposing of it properly.

garage door safety, turkey fryer safety

Just like burns and fires from fireworks during the 4the of July, house fires and burns from turkey frying are the highest cause of insurance claims and injuries during the Thanksgiving holiday. As your Dallas garage door service company, Nation Overhead Door wants you to be safe and enjoy your holiday instead of having to call us to repair your garage door after a deep fryer accident.

Put safety first with these important tips if you plan to deep fry your holiday bird this year!

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