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Dallas Garage Door Safety Tips

Before we get too far into summer, it’s time to check on our to-do lists for the season. If your garage door repair or replacement is on that list and you haven’t got to it quite yet, we have some tips for you check on the safety. Since your home’s garage door is the largest moving object in your home, proper operation and safety are extremely important. To have a safe operating garage door, it all starts with the installation. Having your door and automatic garage door opener installed by licensed professional who will guarantee their work is important for proper operation from the first day as well as days of continued use. To ensure ongoing safety and full operation of your garage door, having it tested and maintained on an annual basis by a professional will increase the longevity of your door and opener. An improperly adjusted garage door and/or opener can offset the track and exert too much force when the door is closing, which is dangerous and could lead to severe injuries of a loved one if they are hit by or trapped underneath the door.

Garage Door Safety Tips:

  1. Refer to the owner’s manual on how to operate the garage door and how to use the door’s emergency release features.
  2. Do not let children play with the automatic door opener remotes, and make sure the opener control button is out of reach for small children.
  3. Inspect your garage door monthly; look at the track, rollers, cables, springs, and screws to make sure they are in not loose and are in place. If any of these parts show sign of wear or are out of place, have your Dallas garage door repair expert out for service.
  4. Inspect and test the automatic garage door sensors and make sure they all work properly and be sure the door’s reverse mechanism activates and functions properly as well.
  5. If you have a door with panels, thoroughly explain to your children the dangers of the panels as they open and close so they do not get pinched or hurt in any way.
  6. When going on vacation, unplug the automatic garage door opener or utilize a vacation lock security system to disable remote usage, which can help prevent a break in while you are out of town.
  7. Increase the security of your home’s garage door surroundings by adding a motion-sensing light outside your garage door, which will ward off unwanted guests that might be trying to break in at night. Even while you are home during the day or evening, keep your garage door closed when it is not in use.

Keeping your family safe from injury is most likely your top priority! A properly operating garage door requires inspection and regular maintenance for safe operation. Have it installed, tested, and maintained by a licensed garage door technician in Dallas.

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