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Smart Garage Door Opener Apps

In recent years, our smartphones have replaced a number of tools and gadgets. Does anyone use an alarm clock anymore? How about a date book? And let’s not forget the old fashioned phone book, we are pretty sure it’s greatest usefulness is now to be used as a booster seat.

Our phones are able to control all sorts of things in our house with the help of apps. We can monitor our home security systems and can even turn them off and on remotely with the use of specialized apps and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Garage doors are no exception. There are an array of garage door opener apps that will allow a homeowner to operate their garage door from their smartphones. These apps eliminate the need for garage remotes. No more forgotten or lost remotes. Now everyone in the family can have their own remote without the need to buy extra units.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular garage door opener apps available today.

Chamberlain Garage Liftmaster App

The Chamberlain app is a free app available for download for both iPhones and Androids. The app works with Chamberlain equipment that has MyQ capabilities. This app monitors not only your garage door but your exterior house lights. You can turn lights off and on remotely and are able to open and close the garage door.

The app will alert you when the garage door is open and if you forgot to close it when you left the house. You will also be alerted if the garage door is opened for any reason while you are not home.


Garageio is a system that works with a variety of garage door openers. You can check compatibility on the Garageio website to ensure it will work with your system.

The system will even work if you have different models of openers in the case of multiple garage doors. As with most systems, the app will allow you to open and close your garage door from anywhere.

A nice feature of this system is that you can allow limited access for other individuals like babysitter or family members who don’t live in the home. There is no need to buy another remote to allow them access.

The system can be monitored from a computer as well, a smartphone is not required.

Craftsman Assurelink App

The Craftsman app works with the Sears Assurelink system. The console for the garage door opener is replaced with the Assurelink console equipped with motion detection capabilities. The console is then connected to your internet router and the user sets up an account for secure access.

You can access the garage door information from any laptop, tablet or smartphone. The app is free and there are no service fees for the service.

The Craftsman app allows for control of the opener lights. You can control the “lock out” feature when you are away on vacation or gone for extended periods of time. When the garage door is activated to close, warning lights and sounds will alert anyone in the area that the garage door is closing.

You can also set timer closings. For instance, you can have the door close 5 minutes after an opening and it will occur automatically.


The Gogogate2 app can be linked to cameras installed in the garage to provide a visual picture of what is going on back at home. This video feature comes at a cost of $29.95, but that is for a 3-year subscription, so it’s a very affordable upgrade.

The app can store all events in a calendar so with the tap of a button, you can see all activity associated with your garage door for a given time period.

Gogogate2 sends out alerts on the status of the door, open or closed and will alert the homeowner when the door is being opened in real time.

You can give non-residents access to the garage door and the app will even allow you to prevent access by some users. Ex. Your babysitter can only access the garage door Monday, Wednesday and Fridays between the hours of 8am-4pm. Very cool!

Kits start as low as $35 for door sensor systems and the deluxe system is $139. There is a special running for the holidays that brings the pricing to $30 and $119, respectively, with a coupon code available on the company website. The system is available for fence gates as well with the same features as the door opener system.

Liftmaster MyQ

Liftmaster’s Elite Series garage door openers have wireless capability and come with Timer-to-Close technology and Security+2.0. Security features include audible and visual warnings that the garage door is readying to close. The feature also PosiLock which essentially locks down the doors and monitors any attempts to force the doors open.

Safety sensors are in place to stop doors mid-close if any obstruction is detected. Lights are activated during opening and closing for safety and illumination of the garage.

The app will allow remote operation of the garage door as well as provide alerts for openings and door status.

Pricing for the system will vary depending on the Elite model you choose, but right now, Liftmaster is offering rebates on all of their Elite models. You can compare models on their website as well as find a local dealer in your area.


The Garagemate app is great because it is compatible with a lot of older model garage door openers. You can easily check compatibility by touching the two wires on your wall console together. Garagemate claims if the door opens/closes when you do this, then their system will work with your equipment.

You just need to pair the app/smartphone and wire the receiver to your existing opener. The system works with both iPhones and Android models. Currently, it does not work with Blackberry models or Window phones.

The app works off Bluetooth rather than internet connectivity for added security. It is harder to hack the Bluetooth connection.

You can add additional users like non-residents to allow access to the garage door. It does log activity for you to review openings and closings.

Cons to this app are that the range is only a bit over 50 ft. This is not a remote system like the others listed here that will allow you control from another location. This turns your phone into the remote control unit.

There is also an issue with some newer openers that already have internet connectivity like Liftmaster’s models made after 2014. These are not compatible.

The system is listed for $49.95 and there are no subscription fees and the app is free.

As you can see, there are a number of apps that are available for operation and control of your garage door. Some will require purchasing inexpensive auxiliary equipment to activate. There is no “best” app or system. Each homeowner should do assess what their needs are and do a bit of research to find the one that meets their particular needs and budget.

The good news is that most of the garage door opener apps themselves are free and have no subscription fees. In the event you are looking at doing a smart garage door upgrade or add a garage door opener, you will find that the new systems are reasonably priced.  If you are looking for a smart phone controlled garage door in Dallas, Texas call Nation Overhead Door and we can give you a free estimate.

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