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Repairs and Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

A stable and routine part of your home, your garage door only has one job, and that’s to open and close thousands of times over the course of several years. Over time, you’ll start to hear new creaks and noises, but your garage door can usually take a fair amount of abuse before it stops working completely.

However, you might be surprised how simple some overhead door repair options are and don’t require significant investment. Garage door replacement isn’t like getting a new roof or having a new air conditioning system installed. Sometimes, all it takes is a can of WD-40 and an afternoon to get your garage door back to normal.

Clean Those Tracks & Rollers

Your garage door should last many years with only modest attention to maintenance and repair, and one of the most common issues an old garage door might have is a problem with opening and closing.

The next time you’re in your garage, take a look at the tracks on which the rollers travel when your garage door opens and closes. Over time, these tracks can become incredibly dirty, and they’ll restrict movement. Don’t risk breaking your garage door opener because it has to work too hard.

Take a wire brush to the tracks if they’re particularly dirty, and use some simple lubricant to get those wheels and tracks working smoothly again. If you’re not comfortable on a ladder, make sure you have an adult family member who can assist.Garage Door Repair Service

Eliminate Noise from Your Garage Door

Even if the tracks on your garage door don’t have a speck of dirt or debris, your garage door may still make noise or only operate with a huge racket. Don’t wake up the neighbors with your noisy garage door. Take a socket wrench to the nuts and bolts around the door. Don’t strip the bolts, but give them a firm turn.

Over time, the rollers on the tracks will get worn out. They might get warped from use or bend and create a horrid squeal each time you open and close the garage door. These garage door parts aren’t too expensive, and there are two primary kinds you may consider:

  • Metal rollers are an inexpensive replacement option
  • Nylon rollers are quieter, but they cost more

Consider: Replacing the rollers on your garage door can be dangerous. Consider getting this essential project accomplished with help from Nation Overhead Door.

When to Call Professional Garage Door Repair

Basic cleaning of your garage door and its moving parts is a task you may complete with help from the family or as part of your spring cleaning. However, there are several maintenance tasks that might require garage door services.

Projects you might need help with include:

  • Preventative maintenance & safety inspections
  • Connectivity of wireless key pads
  • Garage door springs and cables replacement
  • Replacement of garage door panels
  • New garage door installation

Remember: When in doubt, speak with a professional. A garage door is a heavy piece of equipment. Don’t risk injury when a few hours with a professional from Nation Overhead Door is the safest course of action.

You use your garage door every day, and it needs to perform its simple job, without fail, hundreds of times a year. You’ll never regret basic maintenance and inspections of your garage door.

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