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New Garage Door Buying Tips

Real estate agents often say a new garage door is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve the “curb appeal” of your home. It’s also a piece of equipment that you might not realize is so essential to your daily life.

However, if you’re like most homeowners you probably don’t have a lot of experience shopping for garage doors. It’s a purchase you might only do once or twice while you own your home, and you might only need garage door repair rather than full replacement.

Don’t worry, choosing a garage door isn’t difficult, and once you learn the common features of today’s garage doors, you’ll feel like a home improvement pro ready for your own series on HGTV!

Common Garage Door Materials

Material is an important consideration; however, most materials today can be camouflaged to look like something else. For example, a metal door might look like a wood door.

Your garage door replacement will feature one of the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Wood composite

Steel is the most popular garage door material in use today, but sometimes it’s vulnerable to dents and dings. Wood is a classic style that may appeal to you if your home is historical, but wood composite is something to consider for your garage door installation if you want the strength of steel.Garage Door Installation

Choosing a Garage Door Style

Unless you’re going for a dramatic change in the style of your home, it’s often best to choose a style that’s architecturally appropriate for your home. For example, traditional style doors will look nice on a ranch style home while carriage style doors will look trendy on a contemporary home.

Common garage door styles on newer homes like those in modern suburban neighborhoods often look best with standard raised-panel doors. If your home is a little modern, you might think of a contemporary door, which looks like a mix between a high tech entrance and a sliding door in a Japanese home.

Modern Conveniences for Your Garage Door

If you’re replacing a garage door that’s rather old, you’ll find that new garage doors feature simple technology that will make your life easier each day.

For example, if your garage door was installed before the 1990’s, you might not have a sensor that will automatically reverse the door’s direction when it encounters an obstruction.

Also, if you’ll be looking at new garage door openers when you choose your new door, you’ll like the new technology of today’s openers. They’re difficult for a hacker to crack because the codes rotate each time you use the device.

Environmentally Responsible Garage Door Services

You’ll want to consider eco-friendly materials and garage door services whether you’re replacing your door for aesthetic reasons or because your old door is in terrible shape.

Consider the following options when choosing a green-friendly door:

  • Use recyclable or renewable construction
  • Get an insulated door to improve home HVAC efficiency
  • Choose environmentally responsible coatings and paint

When you’ve made a few too many calls to the garage door repair crew, and it’s time to find a replacement, have fun with the buying process. Your new garage door will offer a dramatic impact on the look of your home and will also boost security for your family and home.

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