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Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Garage Doors

With the holidays arriving fast, you want your home decked out to look merry and bright–and that includes your garage door. It’s a big, open canvas that can be treated to a variety of decorating styles that will help it to stand out from the other homes around you. Decorating your garage doors for the holidays will bring out the holiday spirit in your home as nothing else can, tying together the rest of your decorations and making your home one of the merriest places on the block.

In many cases, when people decide to decorate their homes for the holidays, they skip over the garage door. By incorporating yours into your plans this holiday season, you can create a gorgeous design that helps your home stand out from the crowd and displays your unique sense of style for the entire neighborhood to see. Don’t skip decorating your garage door this year! Instead, integrate some of these great ideas.

Garage Door Magnets

Garage door magnets are one of the most popular and easiest ways to decorate your garage door for the Christmas holidays. From smaller magnets that fit together to form a fun pattern to large, sweeping designs that take up the majority of the garage door, there are plenty of holiday magnet designs to choose from. These work best on a garage door that is made of metal. The durable materials are intended for you to reuse over the years, so if you carefully store them away, these garage door decorations will remain part of your Christmas decor for years to come.

Garage Door Banners

When you’re looking for the perfect banner that shouts out, “Merry Christmas!” a garage door banner is a simple, easy solution. These banners are specifically designed for use with a garage door and designed to be easy to assemble so that they’ll be one of the simplest decorations you put up this year. They’re also one of the most expansive designs you’ll place on your home, giving you a great image that will be sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. Make sure that you look for quality banners that are designed for outdoor use and created specifically for garage doors in order to ensure the greatest amount of both convenience and durability. These murals are easy to put up, easy to take down, and simple to store, which means you’ll get plenty of decor for a minimal amount of effort.

Keeping It Simple

Some of the best garage door decor takes the least amount of effort. If you’re keeping your outdoor decorations simple this year, there’s no reason your garage door can’t follow suit! Try some of these great ideas:

  • “Wrapping” your garage door like a package and tying it with a bow that’s slightly off-center in order to create a pleasing look. This can easily be done in colors that match your home or the rest of your decor.
  • Using wreaths or greenery on lights or other fixtures on either side of the garage door.
  • Hanging appropriately-sized wreaths on the garage door windows or using one big wreath in the center of your garage. Note: make sure your wreath will easily move with the garage door as it’s raised and lowered, or you may not be able to use your garage door normally over the holiday season.
  • Hanging garlands or other greenery above the garage door, incorporating lights into the design if you like. Hint: hanging garlands is easier when you screw small hooks into the wood around the garage door. It also gives you an easy way to hang those garlands in the future.
  • Use a few simple cutouts to turn a white garage door into a snowman.

These simple designs don’t take much effort, but they will create a simple, elegant addition to your holiday decor that will make your home look cheerful throughout the season. By embracing simplicity, you’re able to keep the rest of your home decor simple, as well–a real benefit for families who prefer not to go over the top with their holiday decorations.

Things to Avoid

When you decorate your garage door for the holidays, there are several things you’ll want to take into consideration. By avoiding these decorating errors, you can ensure that your holiday season will keep flowing safely and smoothly as well as allowing you to enjoy your decorations throughout the season.
Make sure your decorations don’t interfere with the normal operation of the garage door. If they’re too big to clear the space over the garage door when it’s raised, you will either tear the decorations or tear up your door.
Check decorations to ensure that they don’t interfere with the sensors on the garage door.
Avoid leaving decorations that are loose or have trailing pieces on your garage door. Those are better used around the rest of the house.
Test out your garage door with the decorations in place before you’re in a hurry and actually have to leave. Make sure the door flows smoothly and that nothing hangs or catches.
Decorating your garage door can be one of the most impressive parts of your holiday decorating efforts. Because it’s a large space on the exterior of your home, the garage door can set the tone for your decorations for the entire holiday season. Don’t ignore all the benefits of decorating this critical area of your home. Instead, embrace your creativity and see what you can make! From Santa’s workshop at the North Pole to a nativity scene, a simple “Happy Holidays” to a few wreaths or strings of lights, a few decorations on your garage door can make a big difference in the appearance of your home this holiday season.

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