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Garage Door Repair in Dallas, TX

Choosing the right garage door
Technology has aided in the change and advancement of several aspects in life and garage doors have not been left behind. Gone are the days when garage doors had a uniform rigid construction with minimal accessories. Today, At Nation Overhead Door, we offer several options for customers to choose for their residential and commercial garages.

Commercial garage doors are somewhat easy to choose while their residential counterparts need careful consideration in terms of both aesthetic and functional appeal. As such, choosing your residential overhead garage door is made easier with the following crucial tips.

House design
The design of a house has a great impact on the type of garage door that should be installed. For starters, homeowners should consider whether their garage is attached or detached from the main house. A detached garage needs less insulation on its doors than an attached one since the latter has a great influence on conditions inside the house.

An added point of consideration that comes with this aspect is the presence or lack of windows on the garage door.

For houses whose garage is visible to the public from the driveway or other parts, it is appropriate to get garage doors with a high aesthetic appeal. This factor will accentuate the general appearance of the house while at the same time serve the intended purpose of protection.

The climatic conditions of one’s residential area greatly influence the type of garage door they will install, especially the material to be used. We provide garage doors made of traditional steel, ultra-modern glass, and wood. Luckily, Nation Overhead Door offers a wide range of insulation options for the cold Texas winters and the warm San Antonio summers. We insulate garage doors adequately in order to lengthen the life of the doors and provide comfortable living conditions in the rest of the house.

Desired style
Our customers often have a wide range of designs that they wish to have on their garage doors. We have made it our sole purpose to provide several functional yet attractive options for clients to choose. We have garage doors with and without windows at the top. The windows range from geometrical shapes to cathedral arcs. Aside from the additional accessories, the main garage doors come in form of rolling blades, single panel doors, and multiple panel doors. The variation of doors takes the amount of opening space available and the desired interior capacity that customers wish to have.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a garage door is the extent of functionality it offers. At Nation Overhead Door, we ensure other details such as style and aesthetic appeal are not compromised.

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