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How A Custom Garage Door Can Raise Curb Appeal

Think back to when you were house hunting for a new home. Do you remember the initial impression you had when you pulled up to each home you looked at? Do you remember your initial impression as you pulled and walked up to your home, the one you ended up purchasing? That initial impression in the real estate market is known as curb appeal.

There are many factors, which are often debated, that are included in curb appeal; but one that is not typically debated is the home’s garage door. A clean, undented garage door is a good start, but a custom garage door that matches a home’s style and aesthetic can really go a long way for enhancing curb appeal as well as increasing the home’s value.

Start Increasing Curb Appeal By Choosing A Custom Garage Door

Like many homeowners, no matter if you are putting your house on the market or plan to stay for many years, maintaining and increasing your home’s curb appeal can be overwhelming; it may be difficult to know where to start. Just take a look at your home from the curb; do you notice how much space your garage door takes up on the front of your home. It takes a significant amount of space, which is why a new garage door is like giving your home a face lift.

A custom garage door is one upgrade that will do a lot for your home’s curb appeal. You will then need to decide what type of custom door you will want. While there are many factors that go into choosing the best door, you must first determine your home’s style. Do you have a ranch or country style home, a craftsmen style home, Mediterranean style home or colonial style home? Determining the style of your home will greatly help in the process of choosing a custom garage door in Dallas.

Carriage House Garage Doors

One popular option for a custom garage door in Dallas is the carriage house garage doors. They are so popular due to their unique look and they are available in different materials. A carriage house garage door can be constructed of steel, wood and other hybrid materials. They also have many design options; from paneling and decorative window options to hardware and finish choices to all types of colors and stains to choose from, custom carriage house doors can be designed to match nearly every home style, new or mature.

Choosing A Custom Garage Door Installation Dallas Provider

As you are searching online and in your local hardware stores trying to choose and narrow down your custom garage door options, you should also be considering the ordering and installing of your new door. Whether you have a home in Highland Park, Plano, Carrollton, Richardson, North Dallas or anywhere in the area, you don’t have to go at the process of choosing, ordering and installing your new door alone. The custom garage door installation Dallas team at Nation Overhead Door can help you every step of the way. Check out our options and garage door services; we also have some garage door coupons to save you more.

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