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Behind The Garage Door – Where Multi-Billion Dollar Companies Have Started Part 2

In Part 1 of Behind The Garage Door, we mentioned the top 4 multi-billion dollar companies that started in their home garage, which included Google that started in 1996, Apple that originally started in 1976, Amazon that started in 1994, and Hewlett-Packard that started all the way back in 1939. As we conclude the two part series, you will learn about the last four well-known multi-billion dollar companies that started right behind their home’s garage door.

  1. Disney Studios- Known by kids and adults of all ages that have enjoyed years of animated stories and fairy tales, Disney was also started in a family garage by Walt and Roy Disney. The first studio they made was in their uncle’s garage in 1923. After a few short years and a few different studio locations, Walt Disney himself created the all-known and beloved Mickey Mouse character which took the Disney Company to a new level and set it off to become what it is known for today. Currently, Disney is the highest-grossing media conglomerate in the entire world, with a net income in 2013 of about $45 billion.
  2. Harley Davidson- Now known as the all American motorcycle company started in 1991 by William Harley designing an engine for a bicycle frame and for the following two years, Harley and his good friend Arthur Davidson, worked on designing their first motor-bicycle inside their friend’s garage. Even though their first motorcycle did not perform as well as they had hoped, Harley and Davidson continued working at their design to improve their motorcycle, which set the beginning of one of the largest and most successful motorcycle companies in the country and the world. Today and for many years, Harley Davidson has grown due to a strong and loyal customer base of both the motorcycle product line and their very popular merchandise sales, and Harley Davidson continues to be the top motorcycle company in the world.
  3. Dyson- Because his Hoover vacuum would lose suction and power due to the bag filling up with dust. James Dyson dedicated himself to improve the design of the vacuum cleaner by designing the world’s first bagless vacuum. The first prototype he designed was made out of cardboard, and he finally succeeded after thousands of failed prototypes along the way. Even though he finally designed a successful product, Dyson struggled as he tried to get companies to accept and appreciate the idea of a bagless vacuum cleaner. After many attempts and being so dedicated to his product, finally a Japanese company named “Apex” gave him a chance and soon after, the popularity of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners began to spread throughout the world. Today, Dyson is not only a billion dollar company, but is the leader in vacuum technology.
  4. Mattel- In 1945, Harold “Matt” Matson and Elliot & Ruth Handler started the Mattel Company as a picture frame company. As a side business, Elliot started making furniture for doll houses from the excess scrap materials left over from making picture frames. Soon after, they realized the doll house furniture sales were higher than picture frame sales, so Mattel switched their focus to designing and building toys. As the company with products like Barbie, board games, and Hot Wheels, Mattel rapidly became a world leader in toy sales. In 2013, Mattel was named one of the top companies to work for by Fortune Magazine.

What is behind your garage door? When you open your garage door, there may be cars, toys, tools, and everything else that doesn’t have a spot inside the house. There might be some intangible things behind your door too, like some pretty good ideas; those ideas could be million or even billion dollar ideas. Protect them with strong garage door and safely functioning automatic garage door opener and let your ideas flow!

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