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Types of Automatic Driveway Gates

There are many different types of driveway gates, and benefits for each type. The three main benefits to having a driveway gate are curb appeal, security, and an increase in the property’s value.


With regard to security, one of the most important functions of a driveway gate it to help keep children and pets safe from dangerous areas, such as busy streets, especially if the gate borders a perimeter fence. Driveway gates can also help prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering a given property whether the residents are home or not.

Curb Appeal

Today’s driveway gates are much more elegantly designed than gates of past, and are made with the intention of being an asset rather than an eyesore to the property. When a driveway gate is properly installed, it imparts a stately presence that immediately improves the look of the property.

Increased Property Value

By enhancing a property’s security and curb appeal, a driveway gate can also help to increase the value, and resale price, of a property.

It’s not uncommon to see automatic driveway gates in the driveways of ranches, mansions and large estates. One might be surprised to find out, that this amenity extends to far more modest houses as well. Automatic driveway gates are currently being installed in homes of all sizes and price ranges.

A reason for their growing popularity is that affordable, attractive driveway gates are available at most home improvement stores and from online retailers. They usually come fully assembled and ready for installation. Some home owners install driveway gates as do-it-yourself projects. Others have them professionally installed.

Electric openers can be matched with the driveway gate to result in a smooth operation that has lifelong reliability. In this guide, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know about adding a driveway gate to your home.

When shopping for a driveway gate, there is a logical sequence to follow. The property owner should begin with the gate’s material and design, before moving on to size and other features.


The majority of driveway gates day are constructed from powder-coated steel, aluminum or wrought iron. Iron and steel are durable and strong. However, aluminum weighs less, is resistant to rust and generally costs less. Gates made from wood are available also, but note that they tend to be heavy and can crack and warp. Additionally, wooden driveway gates require much more maintenance than metal gates do.


Depending on the manufacturer, gates come in a wide variety of designs. Most residential gates have vertical pickets that are set within a frame. The three most common gate designs are arched top, flat-top, and the more ornate arched-top with finials.

Swinging Gates

Gates that swing on hinge posts and that open away from oncoming traffic, are the most practical choice in most cases. If a gate is needed for a steeply sloping driveway, the gate should swing toward oncoming traffic and away from the property. A two-piece (bi-parting) gate works best for driveways that slope, whether it swings out or in.

Swinging gates tend to require fewer repairs than sliding gates, and are quieter to open and close. They are also more attractive than sliding gates, and come in a wide variety of styles and options.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a popular style that can run from quite simple to fully ornate. Their main benefit, other than their pleasing appearance, is that they can be used in very tight/compact spaces where swinging gates are not practical. While there are many different types of driveway gates to consider, a sliding gate is always a stylish choice.

Straight Verses Curving Driveway

Smaller gates can be used when the approach to a driveway entry is straight. For instance, a 12′ single works well, if it clears the driveway. If the drive curves sharply or is at an angle, a wider 2-piece or bi-parting gate is a practical choice.

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are often used as security gates. They can be purchased with large spikes on top that can deter intruders. Wrought iron gates can withstand the elements very well. While they can be sizable investments, they are durable enough to last a lifetime, and can be fashioned into some of the most beautiful gates on the market.

Other Types of Metal Gates

The single best benefit of a metal gate is its durability. They can be made from aluminum, steel, iron and other metals. These gates are least susceptible to heat and humidity, imparting a long lifespan. Compared with wooden gates, metal gates are much stronger. Metal gates are Though aluminum gates cost less, they are not as popular as wrought iron gates.

Electric Gates

Electric gates are best known for their convenience and versatility. They come constructed from a choice of materials, and are usually operated by a remote control or keypad. This is very convenient during inclement weather because it can be operated from inside a vehicle or home.

Wooden Electric Gate

A versatile, electric wooden gate can provide either a rustic, or a regal appearance to a driveway. Seasoned timber gates last a long time. Curved wood gates are best noted for their aesthetic value. A great benefit of owning a wooden gate is the privacy that it affords. Wooden gates are affordable and are usually easy to install. The electric feature enables the gate to be opened and closed without leaving one’s car.


Numerous accessories are available for driveway gates. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle exiting devices
  • Intercom key pads
  • Solar panels
  • Automatic gate locks
  • Pin locks
  • Electric photo beams
  • Shakiness or shimmying when opening and closing your door
  • Cracks or rotting wood: These can allow moisture to negatively impact your insulation

A common mistake people make when they retro-insulate their garage doors is failing to consider the excess weight that insulation adds to their garage doors. This additional weight can put stress on a garage door or result in slower operation. While this problem can usually be alleviated by adjusting the door’s spring tension, you should seek the guidance of an industry professional if your garage door’s regular operation is compromised.

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