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Throwing a Garage Party?

Do you plan on throwing a party in your garage? After all, they’re some of the best parties you can go to in the Plano area! If so, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to keep everything safe and fun. Are there any sharp metal edges poking out anywhere? Make sure your door is in the up position, as safety beams will prevent it from falling Clear the door area of any debris Leave a note on the wall button or unplug it to prevent accidental usage Unplug the opener itself from the ceiling Throwing [...]

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How Much Do Overhead Door Openers Cost?

Some people are under the impression that installing a garage door opener can be a bit of an ordeal. However, to handle this concern, some manufacturers have been designing openers that are easy to install and require very little maintenance. When it comes to openers, there are numerous brands, some of which being high quality and some of which being low. Genie Openers Low end Quality went downhill after manufacturing was moved overseas They break easily High warrantee repair rate Liftmaster High end Have the most safety features The most reliable brand Most widely available repairs You may be [...]

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What You Need to Know About Door Springs

Like the actual doors themselves, door springs can come in numerous sizes and qualities. Some springs can last 10,000 cycles, some can last up to 100,000 (a cycle meaning the door is opened and closed once). There are two general types of springs: Oil Soaked (Oil Tempered) Galvanized Oil soaked springs are lubricated in oil during the actual production of the springs. They aren’t shiny, but they can stretch further without losing their shape and will last longer than galvanized springs. Galvanized springs are given a different kind of coating later in the process that gives them a shiny [...]

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How to Keep Your Overhead Door Working

I’m often asked by customers around Dallas how long garage doors can last, and it’s a more complicated question than many people may think. A garage door can technically last forever, provided it’s well taken care of, but on average they’ll last about 20 years. In order to make them last so long, though, you need to perform regular maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. That maintenance includes things like making sure the nuts and bolts of the door stay tight. If the nuts and bolts are loose, they can begin to move around, compromising the integrity of the [...]

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International Door Association Expo 2012

Attended by thousands of dealers each year, the International Door Association’s Garage Door Exposition is the premiere educational event in the door and access systems industries. The primary mission is to provide programs and services to door and access systems dealers for the express purposes of exploring new products, making business connections and enhancing the industry.

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